developing & building Innovative surface cleaning robots for marine, off shore and petro chemical industry

Company Profile:

Nijburg Engineering is a new established  engineering company located in the center of the Netherlands.
Our expertise is developing Innovative surface preparation tools  
in the Industrial, Marine and Offshore sectors

We have build and developed many robotic cleaning tools in recent years

We are a multi-disciplinary  in both mechanical and electrical solutions

We have a team off hands-on experienced Engineers with years of field experience to provide fast response and cost effective solutions to our customers needs.
With the support from our partners, we strive to fulfill our commitments with good quality works and timely delivery.

From the concept to the proto type – Smart engineering competence

“Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know – future projects decide what we will learn.”

“The fewer moving parts, the better.” “Exactly. No truer words were ever spoken in the context of engineering.”